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East Lampeter Dwelling

Dwelling Fire

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At 09:56 hours this morning, Tanker 43 was dispatched to the 2200 Block of Hampshire Ave. in East Lampeter Township as part of the 2nd alarm dispatch for a dwelling fire. Chief 62 arrived at 09:50 hours to find a fully involved garage with the fire growing rapidly to the rest of house and neighbors house. The second alarm assignment was hit immediately. Tanker 43 was available at 10:35 hours and was sent station 62 for standby and at the time of posting were still there.


Commercial Building Fire


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PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS: Kirk Neidermyer  3rd Alarm Photography

Monday morning, August 15th at Approx 00:20 hrs, Tanker 43 was dispatched as part of the building assignment assisting Station 45 (Kinzers) on the commercial building. Station 45 units arrived on scene and reported an approximately 60×150 building that housed several businesses with heavy smoke showing from the building.
Tanker 43 went en route with 3 leaving additional manpower at the station for the possible Tower dispatch. Once on scene, Tanker 43 supplied water for fire attack and initially set up to draft from a port a tank. After sufficient engines arrived on scene Tanker 43 was pulled from drafting and put into the tanker shuttle rotation. Tanker 43 hauled 9 loads of water for a total of 27,000 gallons.                               At approx. 0034 hours Tower 43 was dispatched as part of second alarm and went en route with 6. Upon arrival Tower 43 set up on the Bravo (East) side of the building and prepared for master stream operation. Tower 43 then performed master stream operations, at times utilizing both streams, until approx. 08:00 hours.                                                                                           Squad 43, special unit 43, as well as Ambulance 43-1, 2 and 3 also responded for rehab and set up the tent as well as distributing water among the crews and overall did a great job providing a much needed service.                               There were a total of 48 units on scene from 28 different companies.


Silo Training

Silo Training

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Photography credit: Leo Photography

 Gordonville Fire and EMS, had great turnout for a combined training on Silo Rescue- Basic Ropes  at the Gideon Fisher farm. Thanks to Gideon Fisher and family for the use of the silo etc. and thanks to Dan Brooks and Stefan Kuenzli of Progressive Fire Training for the great instruction.


Leacock Township Outbuilding


1-Shed Fire With Station 44

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At approx. 2200 hours Tanker 43 was dispatched to assist Intercourse Station 44 on an outbuilding fire on Centerville Rd. Tanker 43 arrived on scene and pumped into Engine 39-2. Engine 39-2 was the primary suppression pieceAdditional Companies dispatched were stations 41 and 62.


Lincoln Hwy Hotel



Around 6am today, Company 63 along with 62 (Witmer), 48 (Ronks), 41 (Bird-In-Hand), 43 (Gordonville), 204 (Eden) were sent to the 2100 Block of Lincoln Hwy East for a hotel fire. Units arrived to find smoke on the 2nd and 3rd levels. After further investigation the smoke was traced back to a malfunction in an elevator room.

Command: Chief 63 (Hershey)
Units: E63-1, T63, E62-2, R48, E41-1, T43, T204


A snowy and busy January for Station 43


Tower 43 on a working chimney for in our due. Tanker 43 and Engine 44-1 were also on the scene to assist. There was no extension and fire crews cleaned the chimney for the residence. Assistant 43 had the incident command.



Ambulance 43-1 was involved in a minor vehicle accident due to the snowy road conditions. No injuries were reported and there was no patient on board when the accident happened.


Squad 43-1 had a busy weekend during the blizzard. Squad 43 responded to all EMS incidents in our EMS running area to plow the roadway clear for the Ambulances.

The month of January was an eventful month due to the blizzard. In January, EMS responded to 110 incidents and Fire responded to 18 incidents.


Tanker 43 assists Station 48

48 Box

Tanker 43 was dispatched to assist Station 48 on a working building fire. Tanker 43 responded with a crew of 5 and assisted with fire attack and supplied Engine 48-2. Crews remained on scene for over an hour due to extensive overhaul. Tanker 43 returned available in quarters at 1318 hours.

Date: 12/27/15
Time: 1155 hours
Incident municipality: East Lampeter Township
Location: 2849 Lincoln Hwy East
Facility: Cherry Lane Manufacturing
Primary agency: Station 48
Incident Command: Chief 48 (Dave Gribble)


Truck 43 assists Station 63

Tower at 63

Truck 43 was dispatched to assist Station 63 on a commercial building fire. Truck 43 responded with a crew of 6 and on arrival the crew assisted with utilities and set up the arial on side delta. After the utilities were secured, the crew then went to the roof to assist Truck 63. Truck 43 returned available in quarters at 0401 hours.

Date: 12/23/15
Time: 0310 hours
Incident municipality: East Lampeter Township
Location: 2300 Lincoln Hwy East
Facility: Lancaster Host Resort
Primary agency: Station 63
Incident Command: Chief 63 (Scott Hershey)


Working barn fire in Leacock Township


On Saturday December 12, Station 43 and multiple other departments were dispatched for a first due barn fire on South Belmont Road in Leacock Township.

Units dispatched:
Tanker 43
Truck 43
Squad 43
Engine 44-1
Engine 47-2
Engine 48-2
Engine 41-1
Rescue 47
Squad 44
Tanker 41
Tanker 44
Tanker 45
Truck 42
Ambulance 43-1

Incident Command: Deputy Chief 44
Incident Operations: Chief 43

Deputy Chief 44 arrived on the scene and reported of an outbuilding with smoke showing. After crews extinguished the fire, it appeared to be a stove fire with extension. Crews remained on the scene for approximately 2 hours.

Click on this link to view images of the incident: https://www.facebook.com/Gordonville-Fire-EMS-Co-154039944837/ 


The NEW Ambulance 43 is in service!

Ambo 43

We are excited to announce that the new Ambulance 43 is now in service. We would like to thank our community for their continued support and believing in our volunteers. Thank you!